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The Building Division has a series of handouts with explanations and guides to be used by applicants for the various entitlements processed by the Division. In addition, Code Updates, Construction Handouts, and On-line Permit Tracking information is available below:

Online Permitting System is now active!

For information about how to use the Online Permit Tracking System, click here

Permit Application/Plan Submittal Instructions and Required Forms

Inspection Standards

E-Inspection Standards

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Inspection Training

Code Interpretations and Handouts

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CalGreen Compliance Forms


Land Development Application

The Community Resource Agency's Land Development Application (LDA) is also available. This master application form is used for any application to the department. Feel free to print a copy of the form to fill out before bringing your application materials to the Community Development Department. The form is designed to allow you type in most of the information while the form is open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.