Road Maintenance Special Districts

County Service Areas and Permanent Road Divisions provide road maintenance and snow removal to public roads within defined boundaries of unincorporated Tuolumne County.

Snow removal performed in County Service Areas follows the Tuolumne County Snow Removal Policy. To learn more please visit the road operations webpage.

Why did Tuolumne County create Special Districts for road maintenance?
Tuolumne County has not taken new subdivision roads into the County maintained system since 1989. In many cases, a condition of approval for new subdivisions was to require a County Service Area to be formed as a mechanism to fund road maintenance services. Any special assessment or special tax charges for road maintenance for parcels in special districts such as a County Service Area or a Permanent Road Division zone of benefit are line items billed along with your property taxes.

There is an established procedure if you want to create a PRD Zone of Benefit.

Why do some districts have more funding than others?
County Service Areas and Permanent Road Divisions Zones of Benefit that collect special assessments or special taxes yearly are considered active.  Each of the active special districts receives annual reports. Areas where the property owners have not approved a funding source such as a special assessment or special tax are considered inactive. These CSAs do not receive annual reports or have a formal maintenance program in place since the funds have not been approved to prepare or administer them. Maintenance or repair work is done as funds allow.

Since the 2009 changes in California County Service Area law now requires CSAs to be perpetually funded, a CSA with no source of income may be considered for dissolution.