Standard Park Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

The Recreation Department is one of the largest single employers of youth employees in Tuolumne County. We hire approximately 70 summer time/seasonal employees to work as Senior Recreation Leaders, Recreation Leaders, Assistant Facility Coordinators, Softball Umpires, Pool Managers, Assistant Pool Managers, Lifeguard/Water Safety Instructors, and Lifeguards.

If you enjoy working with people, especially children of all ages, and love sports’, then a position with the Tuolumne County Recreation Department's Standard Park Sports Complex may be the perfect job for you. The Standard Park programs offer opportunities to numerous seasonal employees each year to serve the several seasons of youth softball, baseball and soccer. Our Assistant Facility Coordinators are the hands on cogs that make the wheels turn at Standard Park. These positions, while relief, run for several months per year; March through at least October. We also have opportunities for Softball officiating(Umpires) in our Adult Softball program; spring, summer and fall leagues. Many of the Park staff have gone on to supervise other programs and or divisions within the Recreation Department. The Park is a great place to make friends and enjoy the healthy environment of outdoor sporting events.

How Do I Apply for a Job

In order to apply for a position at the Standard Park Sports Complex you must meet the minimum qualifications for the desired position. View job descriptions for Assistant Facility Coordinator and Softball Umpire. All positions with Tuolumne County are now applied for online.

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