Standard Park Sports Complex

Standard ParkAbout the Park

Standard Park Sports Complex is a 12 acre, County owned and operated facility located in the Sierra Nevada foothills approximately 4.5 miles from downtown Sonora, California at the corner of Standard and Tuolumne Roads. While Standard Park was designed and built for softball, it has been utilized since 1981 as a multi use facility for adult and youth sports programs, as well as special events of many kinds.

Standard Park is set up with four “skinned” softball fields (no grass on infields) for youth and adult softball, as well youth baseball programs. The natural turf outfields also serve as 5 youth soccer fields. The park is open, staffed and available for use (as programs and events dictate) seven days a week and twelve months a year subject only to restrictive weather conditions. The park hosts various activities throughout the year, including:

adult softball leagues youth soccer
adult softball tournaments little league
youth softball tournaments and more...

Event & Field Condition Information

For event and field condition information, please register for text or email notifications. You can also call the League Schedule/Field Condition Hotline at 209-533-1071.