LAFCO Districts MSR's

A Municipal Service Review (MSR) is a comprehensive study designed to better inform the Commission, local agencies, and the community about the provision of local services. The study looks at how municipal services are provided and financed by an agency, the costs to residents for those services, and potential service alternatives. One of the most important benefits of a MSR is a review of the long-term sustainability of the range and level of services provided by local governments and other service providers. 

Cemetery Districts 

2013 - Combine Cemetery Districts MSR

  • Carter's Cemetery District
  • Columbia Cemetery District
  • Jamestown Cemetery District
  • Oak Grove Cemetery District
  • Shaws Flat-Springfield 

Community Services Districts

2020 - Groveland Community Service District MSR

2013 - Twain Harte Community Service District MSR

Recreation Districts

Lighting Districts

2013 - Combined Lighting Districts MSR

  • Columbia lighting District
  • Groveland Lighting District
  • Jamestown Lighting District
  • Rolling Hills Lighting District
  • Tuolumne Lighting District
  • Valle Vista Lighting District
  • Volponi Acres Lighting District 

Fire Protection Districts

  • Columbia Fire District
  • Jamestown Fire District
  • Mi-Wuk- Sugar Pine Fire District
  • Strawberry Fire District

Water/Sanitary Districts

2013 - Jamestown Sanitary District MSR

2013 - Tuolumne Sanity District MSR

Other Special Districts

2018 - City of Sonora MSR