Don't Trash Tuolumne Campaign

                                 CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND

In the 2022 cycle of the Clean California Local Grant Program, the County of Tuolumne successfully applied for funding for a countywide campaign to address litter and illegal dumping concerns throughout Tuolumne County. This program is being implemented by the County of Tuolumne and administered by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Since Clean California launched, Caltrans has effectively removed more than 620,00 cubic yards of litter from state highways, in addition to creating 477 maintenance positions to help collect litter and remove graffiti from public spaces.

The Don’t Trash Tuolumne Cleanup Campaign will build on those efforts by educating Tuolumne County residents and visitors on the appropriate steps for trash cleanup and disposal, with a long-term goal of encouraging environmentally conscious behaviors to create long-term stewardship in the County. As a gateway into Yosemite National Park, it is important that educational materials and useful strategies are available to guide visitors and residents on the proper steps for disposing litter and debris in Tuolumne County. By involving the community in the campaign, the County can gather data about current cleanup efforts in Tuolumne County while gauging students’ awareness of proper steps for waste disposal. The shared goal is to eliminate existing litter and illegal dumping areas, while providing useful educational resources to guide on how to keep Tuolumne County clean, safe, and beautiful.