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1. Who can help with tenant/landlord questions
2. How do I find out about Section 8 Rental Assistance?
3. I might lose my house. Who can help me with foreclosure or short sale counseling?
4. I live in a mobilehome park. Who can help me with my concerns about the maintenance of the park?
5. Where can I learn more about County of Tuolumne Mobilehome Rent Control?
6. Where do I find a copy of the Tuolumne County Mobilehome Park Rent Control Ordinance Tenant Acknowledgment Form?
7. Does the County offer assistance programs to help me buy a home?
8. I own my home and can’t afford repairs. Can the County help me?
9. I can’t afford to pay my rent and utilities. Is there an organization in the County that can help me?
10. Are there places in the County to rent that are affordable?