How do I license my dog?

We are currently CLOSED to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions. Tuolumne County Animal Control is accepting licensing by mail only until COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. We are not charging any penalties for late pet licensing due to the inconvenience. 

All dogs in the State of California are required to obtain a rabies vaccination by the age of 4 months. They are also required to be licensed in the jurisdiction in which they live. In Tuolumne County all dogs must be licensed within 30 days of the following: turning 4 months; moving to the county; or ownership. A late penalty will apply if not done within this time frame. The only exception is that there will be no penalty for young dogs up to 6 months old if they have been spayed or neutered. Licensing can be done in person at the shelter office (10040 Victoria Way, Jamestown) Monday – Friday 9:00-1:00.

There is no licensing during shelter hours on Saturday.

Licensing can also be done via mail to 2 South Green Street, Sonora, CA 95370. Be sure to include a legal size Stamped Self Addressed Envelope with $0.70 postage. To obtain a license provide a rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian. To obtain the discount price for altered dogs, include a spay/neuter certificate first time licensing or if the status of the dog has changed. One or three year licensing is available. The rabies vaccination must be valid for the duration to qualify for three year licensing.


  • 1 year altered:  $7.75
  • 1 year unaltered:  $23.00
  • 3 year altered:  $23.00
  • 3 year unaltered:  $68.50


  • If late less than one year:  $5.00
  • If late greater than one year:  $10.00

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