Who must vote a provisional ballot?
The following voters will be asked to put their ballot inside of a provisional envelope; Voters who have moved into a new precinct and have not updated their registration to the new address; Voters whose names are not on the roster where they go to vote; Voters who have registered by mail, but did not provide a CA .driver’s license number, or CA ID number when they registered; Voters who return their absentee ballots to the polls without an envelope; Voters who have applied to vote by mail, but do not have their ballot to turn in when they go to the polls; Voters who register too late for their names to be printed on the roster. Too late is 29 days before the election.

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1. What is a provisional ballot?
2. Who must vote a provisional ballot?
3. What if I go to the wrong polling place and have to vote a provisional ballot? Will my ballot still be counted?
4. I have heard that provisional ballots are not counted. Is this true?