Are there other forms of broadband service?

There are several available in the county. 

Line-of-sight services: Internet is beamed from a tower directly to an antenna on your house

  • Can regularly provide 100 Mbps symmetrical service.
  • Trees and mountains can block the signal.
  • It's too expensive to extend cable or fiber to specific addresses to fill in gaps. 
  • As the number of signals increase, so does the opportunity for interference, which could someday create a ceiling to the technology.  

Mobile internet services (e.g. cell phone service)  

  • Mobile transmissions can go through trees and can provide better coverage.
  • Some 5G cell networks can theoretically provide high-speed internet but in practice, they often don't reach 100 Mbps symmetrical service.
  • Speeds could improve with new technology but that may take years to see. 

Hybrid systems: Internet beamed from one tower to another connected to homes by cable or fiber

  • Some of these systems already exist in Tuolumne County and can be effective.
  • Limits to the signal between towers, limit what is available in homes.
  • Tower infrastructure would need to improve to deliver 100 Mbps throughout the county.

Satellite service

  • Traditional satellites (HugesNet, DirecTV, etc,.) have been unable to provide high-speed internet and are usually a last resort.
  • Low-orbit satellites (Starlink) have proved capable of providing high speeds but cannot currently provide 100 Mbps symmetrical service and recently announced data caps.
  • Low-orbit satellite infrastructure is promising but is in it's infancy and needs to expand before it can keep up with extensive demand, which could take several years. 

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