What constitutes business property?

Business property includes all property, unless exempted by state or federal law, and real estate owned and/or used by a business. Examples of business personal property include operating supplies, office furniture, computers, machinery, and hand tools. Business property also includes leasehold fixtures and leasehold structures (tenant improvements.)

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1. What is a Business Property Statement (BOE Form 571L)?
2. Why do I have to file a Business Property Statement?
3. Are non-profit organizations required to file Business Property Statements?
4. Why do I have to pay taxes on my business personal property?
5. I paid sales tax when I purchased this equipment. Why am I paying taxes again?
6. What constitutes business property?
7. What is this BOE 571 Business Property Statement form used for?
8. What will happen if I do not file this form?
9. If the statement is not filed, how is my assessed value determined?
10. I have a home-based business and all my equipment is my own personal equipment. Do I have to report it?
11. My business property is moveable and goes in and out of the County depending on the job. Which county should I report it to?
12. What if I lease all my equipment? Do I still have to report it?
13. I closed my business and the business assets are not being used. Why do I have to file a property statement or pay taxes?
14. What do I include in supplies?
15. Can someone else file my Business Property Statement for me?
16. How is the assessed value determined?
17. What if I do not agree with the values? Can my value be reviewed?
18. What if I do not agree with the Assessor’s value after an Informal Review?
19. What should I do if I've closed, sold, or disposed of my business assets after January 1st?
20. What should I do if I've closed, sold, or disposed of my business assets before January 1st?
21. Can my unsecured business property taxes be prorated?
22. I filed bankruptcy, why do I have to pay the tax?
23. I don't own the building, I just rent the space. Why do I have a tax bill?
24. Where can I find additional information on Business Personal Property?