What is the Independent Living Program?
The Independent Living Program (ILP) is a program designed to enable eligible youth to achieve self-sufficiency prior to leaving the foster care support system. ILP provides living skills assessments, training, case management, and services for each participating youth to assist in achieving this goal.

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1. What is the Independent Living Program?
2. Who is eligible for the Independent Living Program?
3. What services does the Independent Living Program offer?
4. Where can I get more information about the Tuolumne County Independent Living Program?
5. I am a former foster youth. Am I still eligible for services from the Independent Living Program?
6. Where do I find more information about the HOPE House?
7. Can the Independent Living Program help me pay my bills?
8. How do I apply for financial aid and the Chafee Grant?
9. Do participants earn money for attending ILP events?
10. What is Extended Foster Care (AB12)?