Why is my neighborhood a County Service Area?
Tuolumne County has not taken new subdivision roads into the County maintained system since 1989. It is likely that a condition of approval to build your neighborhood required a County Service Area to be formed as a mechanism to fund road maintenance services.

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1. Why is my neighborhood a County Service Area?
2. Why are my County Service Area roads not plowed at the same time as the nearby County road?
3. Can we put a gate up on our County Service Area road so that non-residents can’t get in?
4. There’s a streetlight out in my neighborhood. How can I report it?
5. I live on a private road and want to create a Permanent Road Division Zone of Benefit so we can all chip in for road maintenance. How can I do that?
6. How can I find out how much my parcel pays into the CSA?
7. I live in an “inactive” CSA. What does that mean?
8. There used to be a County Service Area in my neighborhood but it was dissolved. Who is maintaining the roads now?
9. What is the governing body for the CSA? Can’t we just call the County and get the funds released so we can do maintenance work ourselves
10. How do I pay my special assessment or special tax?