Juvenile Probation Services

Summary of Services

Under the direction of the Chief Probation Officer, the Juvenile Division locates, develops, and administers programs for the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and supervision of youth under the jurisdiction of the Probation Department. The division serves the community by investigating referrals on youth alleged to have committed a crime, by providing supervision services for youth who are wards of the court, or who have been deemed in need of such services by the court.

The Welfare and Institutions Code (W&I) delineates the responsibilities of the Juvenile Probation Department. The Juvenile Division provides services to youth who come within Section 601 W&I, specifically those who are alleged and have been found to be beyond their parents' control, runaway, or truant, and those who come within Section 602 W&I, specifically those who are alleged and/or have been found to have committed law violations. The Juvenile Division provides pre and post-adjudication services to youth arrested in Tuolumne County in the following three areas.

Intake/Court Services:

Probation officers assigned to Intake/Court Services investigate cases and determine the most appropriate course of action. The probation officer's options include counseling the youth and dismissing the case, imposing informal probation and assigning community service hours and/or restitution in lieu of filing a petition, or refer cases to the district attorney for formal prosecution. These officers also represent the department at court hearings, transport youth in custody to hearings, and explain proceedings to youth and families. They are also responsible for communication between the case carrying probation officers and the court.

Supervision Services

Probation officers assigned to the Supervision Unit provide ongoing supervision to youth placed on probation by the court who are still living at home or with a close relative. These officers supervise youth in the community by visiting the youth and their families in their homes, schools, and/or community based organizations, refer youth and their families to other agencies for a variety of support services, and enforce court imposed conditions of probation.

Placement Services

Probation officers assigned to placement supervise youth removed from their homes by the court and placed in non-secure facilities, such as foster homes, group homes, and residential treatment programs. These officers supervise youth while in placement, monitor suitability of the placements, and prepare aftercare plans for youth completing placement programs.

Child Welfare Services and Juvenile Probation Five Year System Improvement Plan (SIP) 2019-23

In 2001, California enacted AB636 as the Child Welfare Services Improvement and Accountability Act of 2001. All 58 counties are required to participate in a multi-tiered accountability process, collectively titled the California Child and Family Services Review (C-CFSR). The C-CFSR measures outcomes for safety, permanency, and child/family well-being. The components of the review include Outcome and Accountability County Data Reports, a Peer Review, County Self-Assessment (CSA), and System Improvement Plan (SIP), with state technical assistance and monitoring. Data is used to inform and guide both the assessment and planning processes. The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) issues quarterly reports which include key safety, permanency and well-being outcomes for each county. These reports provide summary-level federal and state program measures to track performance over time.

Follow this link to view the SIP and the CSA