Alternatives to Detention Center

Summary of Services

Alternative Sentencing Programs
The Probation Department facilitates a number of alternative sentencing programs.  The following programs for Adult Clients are located at the main Probation Office at 465 S. Washington St., Sonora:

  • Adult Work Program
  • Community Service
  • Sheriff’s Parole
  • Electronic Monitoring

The following alternative sentencing programs for Juvenile Clients are located at the Juvenile Probation Office at 12784 Justice Center Dr., Sonora:

  • Juvenile Work Program
  • Community Service
  • Electronic Monitoring

For information on specific programs, including enrollment information, please review Frequently Asked Questions on this webpage or call 209-533-7521 for Adult programs and 209-536-6701 for Juvenile Programs.

Day Reporting Program
The Probation Department also operates a Day Reporting Program for Adult Clients.  The program is operated in partnership with GEO Corporation, a provider of evidence-based cognitive behavioral programs.  

Probationers participating in the DRC program are provided with individually tailored evidence-based cognitive behavioral programming specific to their risk needs assessment.  Programming includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, drug treatment, drug and alcohol screening, employment assistance, aftercare services, and assistance with referrals for various community services.

The Day Reporting Center is located on the third floor of 101 Hospital Rd., Sonora. The entrance is located at the back of the building.

For information about DRC programs please call 209-392-9113 or speak with your Probation Officer.