Records Center

The function of the records center is to provide a records management system that will make Tuolumne County government more efficient and more responsive, while reducing the risks associated with poorly managed records. The records center also:
  • Assists all county departments in developing retention schedules
  • Encourages county departments to store their inactive records at the records center
  • Maintains fee schedules for services provided to all clients
  • Manages a confidential document destruction program

Destruction of Confidential Documents

The Tuolumne Board of Supervisors approved an agreement with a contractor to destroy all confidential county documents. Individual departments can now have secured bins placed in their offices for confidential documents that they want to have destroyed. The records center has had 1,900 cubic feet records destroyed.

The Fee Schedule

A fee schedule was developed and is now in place. There are currently 25 county departments and three outside agencies that utilize the county record center services.