Code Compliance

The Community Resources Agency (CRA) is responsible for receiving all complaints of a violation of any ordinance that CRA has authority to enforce. The ordinances enforced by the CRA and typical types of complaints received are related to such actions as:
  • Building without a permit
  • Failed septic systems
  • Illegal grading
  • Illegal home occupations
  • Improper signs
  • Living in an RV for more than 30 days
  • Unsafe construction

County Ordinance Code

The county's code compliance regulations, procedures, and penalties are contained in chapter 1.10 of the Tuolumne County Ordinance Code.


CRA will take any complaint, even from those who wish to remain anonymous. Anyone having questions regarding any violation may contact the CRA during normal business hours, or leave a voice mail with as much information as possible. The minimum information necessary to start an investigation includes a full street address of the property in question and the nature of the complaint.

Code Compliance Fees