Tuolumne County Homelessness Committee

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Tuolumne County Homelessness Committee is to serve the County Board of Supervisors, by advising on policy and practices related to services and programs that affect the County’s residents who are currently, or at risk of experiencing homelessness. 

Authorizing Legislation

  • Board Action 8/16/2022 – Approval to modify the membership of the Tuolumne  County Commission on Homelessness, nullify the bylaws adopted on 8/10/21,  direct the Commission to adhere to the County’s Board of Supervisors  Committees and Commission Rules, and approve appointments to fill vacancies.
  • Board Action on 2/16/2021 – Creating Homeless Advisory Committee
  • Board Action on 4/6/2021 – Modify the Membership
  • Board Action on 8/10/2021 – Change the name to Tuolumne County Commission on Homelessness, Modify the Membership, and Approve Bylaws


  • Board of Supervisors (1)
    • David Goldemberg, District 1
  • Members of the public (5), one from each Supervisorial District
    • Colette Such, District 1
    • Shelley Muniz, District 2
    • Dawn Lien, District 3
    • Vacant, District 4
    • Jeanette Lambert, District 5
  • Representative from Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency (1)
    • Joe Bors, Executive Director
  • Representatives from the City of Sonora (1)
    • Andy Merrill
  • Representative from the Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians of California (1)
    • LeeAnn Hatton
  • Representative from the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians (1)
    • Darla Merlin
  • Representative Tuolumne County Business Council (1)
    • Tom Crosby
  • Representative Local Services Provider (1)
    • Interfaith, Cathie Peacock
  • Representatives from the Affected Population (1)
    • Jennifer Salazar
  • Non-voting Advisers (2)
    • Representative from Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office
    • Representative from the District Attorney's Office 

Regular Scheduled Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month unless otherwise noticed on the County Website calendar

All meetings will be held according to the Brown Act. Meeting agendas will be posted for the public's awareness and public participation will be encouraged.

Principal Staff

Direct staff support to the committee will be provided by the Homeless Services Coordinator and other county staff as needed. 

Michael Roberson, Homeless Services Coordinator - MRoberson@co.tuolumne.ca.us

Links to Agendas and Additional Information