Weights & Measures

Weights and Measures protects the interests of the buyer and seller, ensuring honesty and integrity of everyday business transactions. Every transaction involving the exchange of goods, property and service is affected by some form of weights and measures.

Device Inspection

There are approximately 1,700 devices in Tuolumne County that require inspection- gasoline dispensers, retail water, electric, vapor meters, deli counter, livestock and vehicle scales as examples. A seal of accuracy is affixed to the device after inspection. Devices that are out of tolerance are removed from service until repaired.

Quantity Control

Packaged goods are checked to ensure they meet the stated content. Package labeling is also examined for compliance with the labeling requirements as set by laws and regulation. Scanner systems are checked for pricing accuracy.


Inspectors check the quality and labeling of petroleum products as well as gas station price sign advertising. This includes checking gasoline octane, boiling points of brake fluids and quality standards of motor oils and anti-freeze.

Random samples of petroleum products are taken to ensure compliance with national standards. Undercover purchases are made to investigate consumer complaints and to inspect the accuracy of the transactions.


Weighmasters are licensed to certify the weighed, measured or counted quantity of a commodity. The certificates issued by weighmasters are recognized by courts of law as being a legal document. Inspections are performed to ensure the accuracy of certificates issued by weighmasters.