Tire Recycling

Each of us can do something to help avert potential problems caused by more than 40 million worn or damaged tires replaced each year in California, not to mention the millions already stockpiled at waste tire facilities or illegally dumped in alleys and by roadsides throughout the state.

Properly Manage Your Old Tires

Be sure your damaged or worn tires are properly managed. When you buy new tires, leave the old ones with the dealer, who will see that the tires are reused, recycled, or disposed of properly. If you have old tires around your property, check with your local Environmental Health Department or Solid Waste Department to find out where you can take them. Keep an eye out for local cleanup days and events.

Tire Amnesty Days

For a fee, tires may be taken to Cal Sierra Transfer Station or Groveland Transfer Station.

Tire Amnesty Event flyer.

Tire Amnesty Event 12/02/2023