Records Section

It is the goal of the Records Section to safeguard with integrity all documents entrusted to us; to comply in every respect with all requirements of law; and to provide the highest level of professional service to all of our customers.


The Records Section is responsible for the recording, maintaining, and retrieving all official records and documents of incidents reported to and investigated by the Sheriff’s Office. The Records Section serves as the central processing unit for criminal records and is responsible for releasing information and copies of criminal and custody records to other law enforcement agencies and the public.

It further manages the Sex Offender files, drug registrant files, and provides personal service at the front counter. There is a fee for obtaining a copy of a report and a Release for Information Form must be completed.  Any report under investigation, forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office or Probation, may not be available.  Suspects cannot obtain criminal reports.

Live Scan

Live Scan fingerprints are taken at the Community Service Unit office in Jamestown. Call 209-984-3012 for an appointment.