Draft Maps

County Proposed Draft

The following draft maps have been prepared by county staff, taking into consideration public feedback and submitted maps. The tentative final map will be presented to the Board of Supervisors during a public hearing on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. Comments or questions on this draft can be made in person at the public hearing, or before the hearing via email, phone, or written comment. 

Email comments to: redistricting@tuolumnecounty.ca.gov

Map draft
Tentative Final Map - PDF 
Tentative Final Map - Interactive web map
Draft 1 - PDF

Public Submissions

Below you will find the different drafts submitted through the DistrictR website.

Submission 92219

DistrictR Link
Public Submission 92219
Submission 79525

DistrictR Link
Public Submittal 79525
Submission 86737

DistrictR Link
Public Submittal 86737
Submission 87075

DistrictR Link
Public Submittal 87075
Submission 87088

DistrictR Link
Public Submittal 87088