Administration Office

Overview of Office Services and Functions

    The County Administration Office is responsible for:
    • Staffing the Board and Board Committees
    • Overseeing Implementation of Board directives
    • Planning, monitoring, and overseeing all County operations
    • Ensuring that Board policies are carried out in the most efficient, cost effective, and service oriented manner
    • Supervising appointed Department Heads and performing general administrative duties
    • Serving as the County Office of Emergency Services
    • Overseeing the development of the annual operating budget and the Capital Improvement Plan
    • Administration of the Tuolumne Public Power Agency

    • Supervising the following County divisions:
      • Facilities Management
      • Human Resources and Risk Management
      • Information Technology
      • Purchasing

    • Supervising the following County departments:
      • Libraries
      • Recreation

Mission Statement

The mission of the County Administration Office is to support the Board of Supervisors in achieving their goals through service and collaboration with County departments and the community.