2022 Swimming Lessons

**Online Registration for 2023 swim lessons is currently open. Online registration for swim lessons will close on June 14th at 5:00 p.m.  After June 14th you can sign up for lessons at each pool**

Lesson Program Information

The Tuolumne County Recreation Department's Swim Lesson Program is designed to promote learning in a safe and comfortable swimming environment. Classes are available for children of all ages and abilities. Swimming lessons taught by certified Water Safety Instructors. The most important aquatic program that we offer is our swimming lesson classes. With all of the pools, rivers, lakes, ponds and other bodies of water in our communities it is essential that we educate our children and teach them how to swim and be safe in and around the water.

Please read the class descriptions carefully to determine which level your child should be signed up for. If you are unsure or have any questions about which class your child belongs in please do not hesitate to ask a staff member for help in properly placing them.

Swimming skills can be complicated and challenging for anyone to learn. You should expect to see your child make progress each session of swimming lessons. However, it may take a child several sessions to learn all of the skills to pass each level. In our swim lesson program there is no "pass" or "fail". What is important is that we encourage children to be comfortable and confident in their progress. At the end of each session each child will be informed if they need to spend some more time working on their skills (repeat a level) or that they are ready to learn some new skills (move on to next level).

Adapted Lessons

Our Adapted Swim Lesson program offers classes for physically and mentally challenged students of all ages.

Each lesson is 1 hour per day.

Each session is one week and classes are Monday - Friday.

Fee: $34.00 per student per session

Group Lessons

Each lesson is 30 minutes per day.

Each session is two weeks and classes are Monday - Thursday.

Fee: $34.00 per child per session

Please see lesson schedule for dates, times and locations of specific classes.

Private Lessons

Private swimming lessons are standard Red Cross swimming lessons but taught on a one to one basis.

Fee: $44.50 per child per hour

Dates, times and location by appointment at the pool. Subject to pool and instructor availability.