Road Operations

Road Operations performs maintenance and snowplowing activities for over 600 miles of County funded roads and bridges as well as repairing and improving corporation yards and other plant facilities.

In winter months, be sure to follow parking regulations.

County Service Area roads in Tuolumne County receive maintenance and snow removal through private contracts. Contractors will provide the same service as the county roads crews. Learn more about CSA roads here.

Tuolumne County Flood Information

Sand Bag Information: Bring your own bag!

Sand is available 24/7 at these locations:

Columbia – Airport parking lot at 10723 Airport Rd (please look for the orange cones)

Tuolumne – 18870 Birch Street

Tuolumne - Corner of Parkview Ln and Chestnut Ave

Jamestown – On the corner of 7th Ave and 8th St

Big Oak Flat / Groveland area – 11242 Wards Ferry Rd

View the road conditions map by clicking the image below

road closure application screen capture

Snowplow first passGot Snow? Go Slow!

Depending on the type and severity of storms, the Tuolumne County Roads Division will determine when and where to begin plowing, what shifts crews must work, and which roads to sand. Safety and maintenance of the roads are our top priority.

Typical Areas of Snowplow Operations

The majority of roads in Tuolumne County are located in in the lower elevation regions.   For our snowplow operators, that means that regular work occurs on the limited number of roads in the higher elevation.

Tuolumne County Road Elevation MapPinecrest (above 5,000 ft.), Mi-Wuk (above 4000 ft.), and Twain Harte/Cedar Ridge (above 3000 ft.). When snowfall occurs at Jamestown it becomes necessary to plow over 900 lane miles.

Other factors that affect the speed roads will be plowed include:

  • Each lane mile usually requires two to three passes if the plow is to “crowd” the snow off the traveled-way.
  • During an active storm, additional passes over each road are usually needed.
  • The average speed for a snow plow is about 12 mph.
  • When the snow is compacted by traffic, numerous passes must be made by large plows or motor graders to remove the ice.

How Can You Help?

  1. Make sure you do not place or store anything in the right-of-way that could be an obstacle to a plow driver.
  2. Clear your driveway each time a plow comes by. If you do, you will have little to no berm once plowing is completed.
  3. Help educate others-remind neighbors and visitors to park as far off the road as is possible so plows can get through. Local Homeowner’s Associations have been especially helpful sending our Snow Removal Policy flyer with seasonal letters to homeowners.
  4. Be courteous and patient with each other as well as snowplow operators.
  5. USE YOUR TIRE CHAINS. They still offer the best traction for tires
Obstruction in RoadTuolumne County Ordinance Code Section 10.28 “Snow Removal” prohibits parking on the pavement or road shoulder during snow removal operations. Signs are posted on the roadways near subdivision entrances/exits major collectors, minor collectors and local roads noting snow removal policies.