Emergency Medical Services

†Mission Statement

The mission of the Tuolumne County Emergency Medical Services Agency, in accordance with established federal, state, and county standards, is to:

  • Ensure the availability of high quality emergency medical care and services to all residents and visitors of Tuolumne County
  • Support individual and staff development programs for EMS personnel
  • Support illness and accident prevention programs
  • Manage EMS resources effectively
  • Work collaboratively with our colleagues in health care and emergency services to enhance services in Tuolumne County

For further information please call 209-533-7460.

The EMS Office will be closed May 31 - June 3, 2022 and August 1-5, 2022. Please plan your certifications and accreditations accordingly.

Tuolumne County EMS Agency Fee Schedule FY 2021-22
Effective July 1, 2021

First Responder Initial Certification* $54.25
First Responder Recertification No Fee

EMT Initial Certification*† $205.50
EMT Recertification †† $89.75

Paramedic Initial Accreditation $83.00
Paramedic Maintain Accreditation No Fee

Books, Patches and other Materials or Services - Actual Cost

* Initial First Responder and EMT Certification fee includes the cost of Livescan.
†Includes $75.00 Collected for the California EMS Authority.
†† Includes $37.00 Collected for the California EMS Authority.