Enrichment Center

hands in the sandPromoting Mental Wellness and Recovery
for Persons With Mental Illness
Peers Stepping In, Stepping Up and Stepping Forward!

The Enrichment Center is a safe place for people to make friends and make plans for change. We strive to network and be supportive of each other to meet needs and goals. Services include:
  • Peer-run community meetings
  • SSI and Medi-Cal Assistance
  • Computer assistance
  • Fax and Printer available
  • Food, clothing and shelter referrals.

Peer Support Groups:
  • Peer Recovery: Independence, Determination, Empowerment (PRIDE) Group
  • Assistance to Develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
  • Dual Diagnosis Support
  • BiPolar Support & Depression
  • Emotion Regulation Support
  • Trauma Recovery
Other Activities:
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Gardening
  • Showers
  • Laundry

Stepping Stones to Recovery
Recovery is a different process for each individual. Each person must learn for themselves what recovery means to them. For some, it may mean achieving a personal goal to live a fulfilling and productive life; for others, it may mean effectively managing the symptoms of their illness.

It is important that everyone have the hope that recovery is possible and that there are choices regarding services and supports in the community.

The Mission of the Enrichment Center is to assist Tuolumne County residents who are living with mental illness achieve and maintain their highest level of functioning.

To accomplish this mission we will:
• Respect the dignity and efforts of all individuals
• Provide quality services in a caring non-judgmental manner
• Encourage the development of full potential and individual responsibility in the areas
of living, learning, working and socializing
• Work cooperatively with other community resources
• Promote a positive empowering working environment for all
• Provide for anonymity of personal health information