General Plan Update

UPDATED 12/282018

BOS Agenda Packet for 1-3-19 Special Meeting

TCPC Agenda Packet 12-19-18 meeting

2018 Final General Plan and Environmental Impact Report Documents

Notice of Public Hearing

Executive Summary 

Volume I (General Plan Policy Document)

Volume II (Technical Background Report)

Volume III (Community Identity Element and Community Plans)

Title 17 Amendments of the Tuolumne Ordinance Code

Volume IV.1 (Final Environmental Impact Report)

Notice of Completion-FEIR

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan

2018 Draft Environmental Impact Report Documents

Tuolumne County GPU Recirculated DEIR Full Report (Large document, download time may vary)

DEIR by Sections

ES and Section 1
Section 2
Section 3 to 3.2
Section 3.3
Section 3.4
Section 3.5 to 3.8
Section 3.9
Section 3.10
Section 3.11 to 3.14
Section 3.15 to 3.17
Section 4 to 8
Apdx A NOP Comments
Apdx B Bio Resources
Apdx C AQ Data
Apdx D Traffic Study
Apdx E Noise Data
Apdx F Proposed Title 17 Amendments 

2018 Draft General Plan Documents


Executive Summary
Volume I - General Plan Policy
Volume II - Technical Background Report
Volume III - Community Identity Element and Community Plans
Title 17 Amendments 

Information Request



Interactive web map:
Proposed land use changes

PDF versions of proposed land use changes and EIR resource data:
Proposed Land Use Changes - All proposed changes
Proposed AG Land Use Changes - shows only AG lands that are proposed to change
Deer Herds and Migration Routes
Wildlife Habitat Relationships
Geotechnical Layers: Faults, Slope, Limestone, Serpentine, Geologic Units, Soils
Flood Zones:
Web map
FEMA source data

Geographic Reference Data
Access Geographic Information System (GIS) data referenced in the DEIR & EIR here. You will be asked to fill out a short form then will be automatically directed to the data download page.  

Metadata for Geographic Reference Data
Metadata is information about the data and may include a summary of the data, the original source,
and date accessed. GIS metadata can be found here

Town Hall Information


The Draft Tuolumne County General Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report are available at the above links. The comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report is from August 27 to October 11, 2018. Comments on the 2018 Draft Tuolumne County General Plan and Environmental Impact Report can be sent via email to Quincy Yaley at or mailed to Community Resources Agency, 2 South Green Street, Sonora, CA 95370. 

The revisions to the Draft General Plan and Draft EIR respond to  comments submitted in response to the 2015 draft documents. The documents released in 2015, but were not adopted by the Board of Supervisors, can be found here.
In addition, the documents were also refined to eliminate redundancies, conflicts, and inconsistencies within the document, as well as to respond to recent changes in State law. Staff also reformatted, reorganized, and streamlined to produce a user-friendly document that will be easy to read and serve as a useful resource for years to come.

Recent Presentations
Click on the links below to view the informational PowerPoint presentations given to the Board of Supervisors regarding the General Plan Update and Environmental Impact Report.

General Plan Release PowerPoint Presentation
General Plan/CEQA 101 PowerPoint Presentation
Community Plans 101 PowerPoint Presentation
General Plan Implementation PowerPoint Presentation
Public Review 101 PowerPoint Presentation

Project History

In September 2013, the County initiated a General Plan Update to accomplish those objectives, leading to the December 2015 publication of the Draft General Plan and its associated Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which is required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), which evaluates the potential environmental impacts that could result from the implementation of that Draft General Plan. Please see page General Plan 2013-2015 for information about past work on the General Plan. The documents released in 2015, but were not adopted by the Board of Supervisors, can be found here.

During the review phase of the Draft General Plan and EIR in late 2015/early 2016, County residents, business owners, advocates, and other stakeholders submitted numerous comments on the draft documents. The comment period ended in February 2016, at which point the Board of Supervisors placed the General Plan Update on hold. Since then, the Board of Supervisors formed a General Plan Ad Hoc Committee comprised of two Supervisors and various County staff to supervise the next phase of the update, and, in January 2017, made adoption of the General Plan a Board goal.

County staff members have been meeting extensively with community groups, stakeholders, and local and regional agencies to work collaboratively toward resolution of the concerns that were raised in the comment letters. Through this outreach, it has become clear that there are shared values across seemingly disparate interest groups countywide. Part of the County’s job with this General Plan Update is to translate those shared values into policies and programs that bridge the normal dividing lines, providing a unified vision for the future of Tuolumne County. In addition, because the General Plan will guide decisions over a long planning timeframe (i.e., 20 years), it will be important for it to provide both certainty and predictability for the community, as well as flexibility and adaptability to respond to changes over time.

For additional information about the General Plan Update, please contact Quincy Yaley at 209-533-5633 or at