Customer Service Program


History & Future of the Exceptional Customer Service Program

In October 2010, the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors gave the stamp of approval for staff to move forward on creating an ongoing training program to improve customer service satisfaction while consistently delivering Exceptional customer service to its citizens.
The Customer Service Improvement Plan Timeline documents the work involved.
Keys to Exceptional Customer Service Adopted by the Board of Supervisors on 11-1-11.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service -- Where Are We Now

Currently over 600 employees have attended the County Customer Service Training. All new employees are invited to attend a training session where they will learn important Customer Service values. The customer service training sessions are scheduled regularly to ensure availability. Employees are encouraged to provide above and beyond customer service whenever working with internal or external customers. As a part of the program the County has implemented a recognition program for employees who demonstrate exceptional service.

Customer Service Measurement of Success

  • On an annual basis the Customer Service Design Team will release a satisfaction survey to the community asking for feedback on their recent experiences. The new survey results will be compared to prior and the training will be changed according to the current survey results.
  • Suggestion boxes or "How Did We Provide You With Exceptional Customer Service" boxes will be placed at each department counter allowing customers to provide feedback.
  • An area will be placed on the County website to allow customers to voice their experiences with County services.
  • Success stories will be shared and celebrated internally and externally.

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