Customer Service Program


Tuolumne County CARES about how we treat our Customers


Providing “Gold Standard” Customer Services

Our Exceptional Customer Service Training Program includes:

  • Keys to Exceptional Customer Services
    • Customer Focused: Attentive-Helpful- Considerate-Devoted
    • Exceed Expectations: Solution-Oriented-Resourceful
    • Teamwork: Customer Advocate-Inter-Departmental-Cooperation-Consistent
    • Friendly: Approachable-Courteous-Positive Attitude
    • Professional: Knowledgeable-Respectful-Accurate-Honest-Reliable-Discreet
    • Effective Communication: Active Listener-Thorough Response-Timely Follow-up
    • Provides Fair Treatment to All: Reasonable-Impartial-Open Minded
  • Setting Expectations of Providing Exceptional Customer Service
  • Delivery of Gold Standard Service
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations and Hostile Customers
  • Employee Rights
  • Performance Improvement and Measuring Success

Tuolumne County Citizen Focus Groups provided the following list of what they would like to see from County Employees when providing customer service:
Understand your audience
Return phone calls promptly
Be consistent
Take pride in your job
Don’t be afraid to think outside the box
Be pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable and available
Be fair and equitable
Be responsive
Have empathy
Take the time to understand what the customer needs
Be accountable
Recommend alternatives
Have an attitude of “How can we make this work”
It’s okay to say “I don’t know but I’ll find out” and then follow up
Take the time to provide explanations
Be a good communicator
Be respectful 
End encounter with “Have I answered all your questions?”

All new employees are required to attend a training session where they learn important Customer Service values.  Employees are encouraged to provide above and beyond customer service – “Gold Standard Service” – whenever working with internal and external customers.

Tuolumne County has done a lot to improve our customer service.  See what we have been doing. Customer Service Improvement Plan

How are we doing?

If you have experience with a Tuolumne County employee/s who provided you excellent customer service, please tell us about it!  Customer Service Feedback