Small Business Revolving Loan Committee

Purpose Statement

Once the Board of Supervisors has secured and approved funding for small business loans, the Small Business Revolving Loan Committee is delegated the responsibility and authority to review and approve loan applications. All documents related to those approvals (e.g. loan agreements, escrow instructions, etc…) are reviewed and approved as to legal form by County Counsel and signed by the County Administrator.

Membership and Principal Staff Support

4 Designated Committee Members (Voting Members)
Private Lender Representative
Small Business Representative
Economic Development Representative
County Administrator’s Office

3 At-Large Members (Voting Members)
At-Large members that have experience in one of the following areas: Real Estate, Accounting, Private Lending, Small Business or Economic Development

2 Alternates (Voting only when permanent members not present)
Alternates would also have experience in of the above mentioned fields.

Principal Staff:
Deputy CAO

Regular Meeting Date

This committee meets on an as needed basis.


Current agendas are available prior to the meeting.