Recreational Health, Housing & Camps

Recreational Health

The California Health and Safety Code tasks the Tuolumne County Department of Environmental Health with regulating public swimming pools and spas within the county to minimize the transmission of waterborne illnesses through water contact.

Public Swimming Pool Definition

A public swimming pool is defined in Title 22 California Code of Regulations as, "an artificial basin, chamber, or tank used or intended to be used for public swimming, diving, or bathing, but does not include baths where the main purpose is the cleaning of the body, nor individual therapeutic tubs." Only private pools maintained by an individual for the use of family and friends are exempt from the provisions of the California Pool Code.

In addition to pools and spas, spray grounds, activity pools, interactive fountains, water slides, water parks, and any other body of water where multiple users come into contact with recirculated water are required to meet the requirements of the California Pool Code.

Pool Safety Regulations

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act requires all public swimming pools and spas to be in compliance with specific equipment and construction requirements that will reduce suction entrapment hazards.

This is a federal law being administered by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Noncompliance is considered a violation of the Federal Consumer Product Safety Act, which may result in the imposition of civil or criminal penalties.

Housing / Organized Camps

Organized camps and detention facilities are permitted and regulated under this program. Regular inspections are made at all permitted facilities to check for compliance with housing requirements. Complaints involving the above listed facilities, as well as single family rentals and hotels / motels are investigated under this program for compliance with the Uniform Housing Code.