Environmental Health

The role of the Environmental Health Division is to prevent human injury and illness and promoting well-being by identifying and regulating environmental sources and hazardous agents, when authorized to do so by Federal, state, or local codes and regulations, and by providing the public with information on critical Environmental Health issues. EH Click Here                                                                          

The Division’s regulatory oversight programs include those that address:

  • Businesses storing, using, or generating hazardous materials
  • Construction and inspection of retail food facilities
  • Food safety at community events
  • Safe body art
  • Health and safety at organized camps
  • Construction and inspection of public swim pools and spas
  • Siting, design, and installation of onsite wastewater systems
  • Siting and installation of drinking water wells
  • Safe drinking from “State Small” and “CalCode” water systems
  • Operation and maintenance of solid waste facilities

The Division serves as an informational resource for the community on issues related:

  • Healthy housing
  • Care and maintenance of onsite wastewater systems
  • Care and maintenance of drinking water wells
  • Water quality at freshwater recreational beaches
  • Healthy housing issues such as mold and bedbugs