Functions we Can Perform

  • Enforce orders for child support and health insurance
  • Enforce spousal support orders if child support is also ordered
  • Establish and enforce where a parent is out-of-state, out-of-country or a member of a tribe.
  • Establish paternity
  • Locate absent parents
  • Modify orders for child support
  • Obtain court orders for child support
  • Obtain court orders for health insurance

All services are free of charge to those who receive public assistance, as well as those who have ever received public assistance, and to mothers, fathers, and other caregivers. There is a minimal $25.00 per year charge for those cases where there has never been public assistance expended, and only if the agency collected and disbursed to the custodial party more than $500.00 in the prior Federal fiscal year. The Federal Fiscal year runs from October 1st of one calendar year until September 30th of the next calendar year.

The Department of Child Support Services Agency does not represent either the mother or father. Its attorneys are not the attorney for either parent and represent only the interests of the State of California in ensuring that child(ren) receive the support from their parents to which they are entitled.

Functions we Cannot Perform

  • Assist with dissolution of marriage, guardianship, or adoption actions
  • Establish, modify or enforce custody and visitation
  • Establish or modify spousal support
  • Obtain or enforce harassment or domestic violence restraining orders

Help us Provide Better Service

We have a professional and trained staff to deliver the services which are provided by the agency, per state and federal laws and regulations. Due to the nature and the full range of services we provide, as well as a case load size which is larger than in a private attorney’s office, we cannot provide you with the same personal attention which is available from a personal attorney.

However, our Customer Service Unit is available to answer your questions every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and most questions can be handled by them. They are there to give you immediate service so that your primary case manager can work on your case without interruption. You can also obtain case status and payment information using the Interactive Voice Response phone system on our toll free number at 866-901-3212.

Additionally, you can also access your account information online anytime and correspond with your case worker at the Customer Connect self service website.

How You Can Help

You can help us give you the best service if you will do the following:
  • Allow our Customer Service Unit to help you whenever you have questions or need assistance
  • Be patient: remember that legal processes and enforcement actions take time and require that we follow procedures which also require a specific course of action
  • Be prepared to enter your social security number into the voice response system when prompted, this allows the system to provide our Customer Service Unit with your case. You may also be asked to provide your provide your participant identification number (PAR ID) to verify your identity. It is also helpful to have your case number available every time you contact the office.
  • Keep us informed of any changes to your personal information - address, telephone number, and employment status.
  • Notify us anytime there is a change in the custodal party or time share of the dependent chil(ren) in your case.
  • Notify us of any new information you obtain about the other parent
  • Provide us all information which is requested in a timely manner
  • Read all documents you are requested to sign, and ask questions if you do not understand what is in a document