PG&E Wildfire Safety Inspection Program

As part of its enhanced wildfire safety efforts, PG&E is conducting accelerated safety inspections of transmission towers and poles in areas at higher risk of wildfires, like our community. This work is being done in addition to routine inspections and maintenance as part of PG&E’s Community Wildfire Safety Program, which includes additional precautionary measures following the recent wildfires to further reduce the risk of wildfire.

PG&E contractor crews will be conducting ground inspections of poles, climbing inspections of towers and using aerial imagery captured by drones and, in some cases, helicopters to further complement and enhance the visual inspections. [Additionally, helicopters might be needed, at times, to deliver crews to remote locations.] Specific timing for the inspections will depend on weather, access and other factors. If you have questions about this work, please contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 or at More information on PG&E’s wildfire safety efforts can also be found at

Please expect to see visual inspections (on foot) performed in your area beginning as soon as this Friday, December 21st, with aerial inspections (drone and possibly helicopter) beginning at a later date.