2015 Draft Documents

These documents are provided for reference only. These were released in 2015 but were not adopted by the Board of Supervisors. These documents are useful if someone wanted compare the 2015 DEIR to the 2018 Draft Environmental Impact Report, which is currently undergoing public review until October 11, 2018. Copies of these documents can also be found at the Community Resources Agency, 4th floor, located at 48 Yaney Avenue in Sonora. The EIR is also available to be downloaded by chapter.

2015 DRAFT General Plan Update EIR

DEIR Comments Section 1 of 2

DEIR Comments Section 2 of 2

By Chapter:
Cover Page
Executive Summary
Title Page
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Project Description
3.0 Environmental Setting
4.0 Environmental Impact Analysis
4.1 Aesthetics
4.2 Agriculture
4.3 Air Quality
4.4 Biological Resources
4.5 Cultural Resources
4.6 Geology
4.7 Global Climate Change
4.8 Hazards
4.9 Hydrology and Water Quality
4.10 Land Use and Planning
4.11 Noise
4.12 Population and Housing
4.13 Public Services
4.14 Recreation
4.15 Transportation and Circulation
4.16 Utilities
4.17 Less than Significant
5.0 Other CEQA Sections
6.0 Alternatives
7.0 References and Preparers
Appendix A: Notice of Preparation (NOP): NOP Comments
Appendix B: Biological Resources: Wildlife Habitat Descriptions Species Tables
Appendix C: Traffic Study
 In February 2015, County Staff held two public workshops (scoping meetings), one in Sonora with the Board of Supervisors and another in Groveland. At the workshops, the various elements of the General Plan were presented and the Board had an opportunity to discuss the various elements and provide direction to staff for any additional amendments. In addition, the public was invited to provide initial comments on the General Plan update. At these meetings the Tuolumne County Transportation Council also addressed the proposed update to the Regional Transportation Plan.

To view the PowerPoint that was presented at the Board of Supervisors and Groveland workshops please click here: GPU Presentation February 2015.