Tree Mortality Task Force

A Tree Mortality Task Force was assembled to develop a response plan for removing hazard trees. The goal of the Tuolumne County Tree Mortality Task Force is to collaborate with local, as well as private, and public partners to identify and remove dead and dying trees which threaten public safety and infrastructure (power lines, water systems, roads/highways, communication lines, etc.). County staff continue to working towards mitigating the threat of dead and dying trees with our partners. The first step is to identify and prioritize areas where dead trees need to be removed to protect public infrastructure.

Supervisor Brennan, Supervisor Hanvelt, County OES Coordinator Tracie Riggs and the County of Tuolumne Tree Mortality Project Manager, Mike Albrecht, are all members of the Governor's Tree Mortality Task Force. This task force meets on a monthly basis and provides a forum for coordination and information sharing among local, state, federal, private and non-profit agencies in an effort to ensure public safety and continuity of essential services from the threat of tree mortality across the State of California.

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CAL FIRE has created a 4 minute long video on the bark beetle/tree mortality epidemic in California.

California State Association of Counties (CSAC) has created a video that details how devastating the tree mortality issue is becoming. Additionally, CSAC President Richard Forster has written a blog that accompanies the video and can be read here.