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Online Permit Tracking System
The Tuolumne County Online Permit Tracking System is now available for review and use, and there are three levels of users available:
    1.    Anonymous Public User
    2.    Registered Public User
    3.    Registered Contractor
For an explanation about how to create an account and what those accounts can do, please see the sections below.

The Online Permit Tracking System can be opened here.

User Account Agreements
By creating an account in the Online Permit Tracking System, you are accepting the conditions of agreements outlined in one of the following documents, depending on whether you are a licensed Contractor, or registering as a member of the Public (which would include Owner-Builders):

        Contractor Account Agreement

        Public User Account Agreement

By completing a permit application online, you are accepting the conditions outlined in the following document:

        Online Permit Hold Harmless Agreement

Public User Access to the Online Permit Tracking System
The Online Permit Tracking System does allow the anonymous public user a limited amount of searching and record information review about properties and permits that are in the tracking system, to take full advantage of the system you must be a registered user. 

For the anonymous public user, a basic instruction set on searching and record review can be found here.

Registration as a Public User allows access to more information, and the Public Users can submit online applications for certain types of permits for their own properties. Instructions on how to register as a Public User, prepare an application, and manage their projects can be found here

The Online Permit Tracking System is available here.

Contractor User Access to the Online Permit Tracking System
Contractors can gain access to the Online Permit Tracking System after they have met with the CRA Counter Staff to determine that their Contractors records in the Permit Tracking System are up to date and get a password. Logging on as a Contractor User gets the access to all of the current permit records they have in the system including review and inspection status and related documents. They can also make applications for projects for the limited number of permit types that allow online applications.

Instructions on how to get registered, and take advantage of the features as a Registered Contractor User are found here.

Types of Permits that Allow Online Applications

Registered Contractor Users can make applications for properties they have current contracts on. Registered Public Users can make applications for their own properties. Online permits can be obtained for the following permit types:

  1. Water Heater Replacement
  2. Electrical Service
  3. Residential Reroof
  4. Residential HVAC
  5. Roof Mount Solar
  6. Siding Replacement
  7. Plumbing Repair