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1. What should we do if Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and County Child Support are sending a garnishment order for the same case?
2. If the employee is paid two times per month and the medical insurance premium cannot be covered with the first check only, how do we maintain the policy?
3. Can we, as the employer, cover the employee and children through Medi-Cal or Healthy Families?
4. What is an acceptable amount for employee medical coverage?
5. If support payments are being made voluntarily, must they still be set up and collected via a local child support agency (LCSA)?
6. If the child has turned 18 can we, the employer, discontinue withholding?
7. How should we, the employer, proceed on a garnishment where the social security number matches a current employee, but the name is different?
8. What if I have withheld incorrectly all along?
9. What if the employee isn't guaranteed week to week employment?
10. What do we do with the medical identification cards?